Creating new traditions in a new world of publishing

Welcome to ThornBerry Publishing: a new royalty-paying publisher based in the South West of England bringing innovative and exciting ideas to the world of publishing. We are not vanity or self-publishers - we do not ask our authors to pay towards publication costs. 

All our books will be epublished in the first instance and most are also now available in paperback.

ThornBerry Publishing does not publish all manuscripts submitted to us. We will accept only those works we truly believe are worthy of publication. If we do turn work down, it is part of our remit to give the author reasons why we thought it unsuitable. And just because we turn one book down does not mean the author should not submit another for consideration. 

ThornBerry Publishing will be looking out for new books that do not slot easily into conventional genres. We intend to create a new genre name for such books and invite suggestions for such. Cross-genres and factual works will also be considered, as will poetry and children's books.   

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Articles about life, love and home by authors and guest contributors including our own Kit Domino and Caroline James 

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